About D

D is a new programming language, designed by Walter Bright, author of the famous Zortech C++ and Symantec C++ compilers (and now Digital Mars C++). D belongs to the C family of languages, and is claimed to be C++ successor. The language is significantly simpler than C++, with most of the complex, redundant, error-prone features dropped, at the cost of backwards-compatibility, and new ones added to aid application development: garbage collector and design by contract are there, just to name a few.

While D is still in early stage of development, and the design itself is not yet solid, a free alpha version of D compiler is available for evaluation and testing on Windows platform; you get the compiler, D run-time library - codename Phobos - with sources, language reference guide, and a couple of sample programs for you to get started.

Once you're at it, you might want to visit the D newsgroup, and share your opinion and suggestions with other members of D community. It is the place where you can make feature requests, ask questions concerning the language, its practical use, and its future, or just chat with other D fans. As Walter said, "suggestions, criticism, kudos, flames, etc, are all welcome here". So there you go!

About this site

This is an unofficial site about D, the place to gather information about D, programs and code samples, FAQs and how-tos. The official D site just doesn't cover some areas of the language enough, so this site is supposed to answer those questions most D newbies have, and to provide more information about the language and its "hidden" features, that are not covered in the documentation. You can also find some of my D-related projects in the appropriate section.

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