Win32 API import module for D
These modules cover most of Win32 kernel, UI, and GDI functions.

D streams module
This is an updated version of my streams module, which comes in standard D distribution. You no longer need my Win32 unit to compile and use these, it's self-sufficient.

D2HTML, a D source code to syntax-colored HTML converter
This program serves as a sample of D streams usage, and also demonstrates the unique feature of D known as D-in-HTML: all web pages produced by D2HTML can be successfully compiled by the D compiler.

WinSock2 API import module
This module completely defines Windows Sockets 2 API for use in your D program. It relies on the Win32 import module, so you have to download it first. Package also includes sample client and server programs.

OpenGL 1.1 import module
A complete translation of OpenGL headers to D. This works best together with SDL library, the latter used to set the desired video mode and control the input. No WGL support included.

Simple DirectMedia Layer import module
This module contains all declarations necessary to use SDL version 1.2.3 in your programs. SDL.DLL binary is included, as well as two translated samples - bitmap and OpenGL tests.

D Sockets library
A set of classes encapsulating Windows Sockets 2 functionality. Provides both TCP and UDP sockets, the former come in client (based on the Stream class) and server flavors. Includes rewritten versions of samples that came with WinSock import module. Requires WinSock module, and the latest D streams, above.

TinyPTC graphics library
This is the complete D port of the GDI and VFW versions of the TinyPTC graphics library, accompanied by the voxel landscape demo. Requires Win32 import module.

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