SDL module updated to work with the latest beta: all artifacts have been cleaned, and OpenGL sample fixed. Also, OpenGL module distribution now includes the import library for GLU.

Streams module was updated: now it has scanf implemented for streams, readLine can now properly read CR-terminated lines, writeLine terminates lines with CR/LF pair on Windows platform, and Unicode strings really work. Interface has changed a bit (mostly enum members) to conform with D coding standards, and this might cause slight incompatibility with older code - I hope it's not a big price for consistensy with other Phobos modules. Also, this new version is no longer dependant on my Win32 import module, and thus can easily replace the older stream module still present in Phobos.

Grab the new module from the Files section!

My D page had grown to become a new site, completely dedicated to the D programming language! Apart from the old stuff, which now lives in the files section, you can also check out the projects page, which lists some of my D-related projects still in development, and my D FAQ.

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